Reading and writing

At Swillington Primary School, our mission is to provide a transformative cradle to career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity.

At Swillington, reading is at the heart of everything that we do because reading is the gateway to the future for our children. Reading is intertwined within our English curriculum so that we can develop a love for reading, build on a mutual hook for all children, regardless of their previous experiences, and to allow us to find the talent as readers and writers. We teach children that a good reader will always use ‘the Big 10’ to unpick and delve deeper into a text so that they read for meaning and understand the text.

We craft enthusiastic and creative writers with a rich vocabulary through a Talk 4 Writing approach. We have an engaging book led curriculum so that our children are experiencing a range of cultures, authors and experiences that would be otherwise impossible without the medium of books. Our texts are carefully selected so that the children are immersed in tolerance, respecting the environment, staying safe and imagining the possibilities.

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