Personal, Social and Health care

Our Personal, Social and Health care (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum

At Swillington Primary School, our mission is to provide a transformative cradle to career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity.

We are a Place2Be school and have a Mental Health Practitioner working in our school two days a week-


At Swillington, we create healthy, independent and responsible members of society by fostering a love and enjoyment of Personal, Social and Health care.


PSHE is taught using the You, me, PSHE scheme so that children understand how they develop both personally and socially.

The scheme looks at social, moral and cultural issues that affect children both in and out of the area they live in so that children are aware of the wider community and can become respectable citizens.

Children are given opportunities for them to understand their rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.

We develop children’s tolerance towards others and enable them to stay safe in society so that they can become individuals with respect and understanding.


PSHE: facilitating our drive to find the talent
Children will become tolerant, understand their rights and become a respected part of society.

Throughout our school, we use Zone of Regulation. The aim of the zones of regulation is to help students develop their social, emotion and sensory regulation. It provides teachers with very clear instructions to guide their children through a set of sequenced lessons encouraging them to learn about their own regulatory system and how they can adjust it.

It uses 4 colours to help them visually and verbally self-identify how they are functioning in the moment given their emotions and state of alertness. The lessons help the students understand their different internal emotions, sensory needs and thinking patterns that result in each student shifting from one zone to another. They will explore tools (sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies) that they can use to regulate which zone they are in and taught when, why and how to use their fools. From this we have calm corners and areas throughout school and also displays that allow children to self regulate their emotions.

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There is dedicated time each week (1 hour per week) for PSHE lessons across school. In addition to this key strands of our PSHE curriculum are explored in whole school assemblies, which are used as part of the provision for high quality PSHE. The full coverage document for assemblies can be found at the bottom of the page.


We believe that PSHE provides an opportunity to deepen and develop the understanding of British Values as we encourage our children to be creative, unique, open-minded and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world.