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Parents At Swillington School (P@SS) is a Parent/Teacher run group which organises fundraising events for the school on a voluntary basis. We are a Registered Charity, Charity Number: 1180179

Our aim is to use the funds we raise to provide ‘extras’ for the school such as Christmas gifts for each child or even bigger items such as the activity trail in the Key Stage 2 playground. We try and make the fundraising events fun so that all ages can join in.

We're always on the lookout for new volunteers to help us out. This could mean a wide range of things such as supporting at events or from home, running social media, contacting business, etc. We think that this group will work really well if we have at least one parent representing each year group.

If you want to find out a little bit more about what we do and if you can help, then please leave your contact details at Reception or speak to our current P@SS volunteers.

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Help Raise Funds

As well as events throughout the year, we have signed up to fundraising pages that won't cost you a penny more. Simply sign up to the pages below and start raising money for the school!


Can you donate or set up a regular donation?

If you are feeling extra generous, can you set up a regular donation? A monthly payment will be taken each month, starting on the day you set it up. The payments will continue until your payment card expires, or until you request a cancellation.

Each confirmation email will contain instructions on how to cancel the donation, if you so wish. You can also contact the Give As You Live team at any time to request a cancellation.

Or you can scan the QR code below to access.

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AGM Minutes

  • Parents At Swillington School (P@SS) is a Registered Charity, Charity Number: 1180179 and we pride ourselves on good practice.

Term dates 2023-24

Holiday Dates

Term Dates

Autumn Term 1

Monday 4 September to Friday 27 October

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Monday 19 February to Thursday 28th March

Monday 8 January to Friday 9 February

Monday 6 November to Friday 22 December

Monday 15 April to Friday 24 May

Spring Term 2

Christmas Holidays

Monday 25 December to Friday 5 January

Half Term

Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November

Half Term

Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February

Summer Term 1

Easter Holidays

Friday 29th March to Friday 12 April

Summer Term 2

Half Term

Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May

Summer Holidays

Monday 22 July to Friday 30 August

Monday 3 June to Friday 19 July

Our Aims & Values

Success and Respect for All.

We exist to provide a cradle-to-career education that allows our children to enjoy lives of choice and opportunity.

Our pupils uphold our values by:

Stay Safe

  • Follow school rules
  • Wash our hands regularly
  • Helping others in need
  • Crossing roads carefully
  • Reporting things online we do not like
  • Don't talk to strangers

Respect our environment

  • Keeping our classrooms/ work spaces tidy
  • We don't ignore it, e.g. untidy lockers
  • Using the correct bins for recycling
  • Looking after our school chickens
  • Helping our parents at home to keep the house tidy

Imagine the possibilities

  • Ask questions
  • Think about what job/career I want when I am older
  • Take part in a range of school clubs
  • If we work hard... anything is possible
  • Taking part in visits


  • Be kind to others
  • Positive language
  • Equality for all
  • Understand change may happen
  • Welcome new friends to our school
  • Positive mindset
  • Being kind to our siblings at home

Application timetable

The below timetable applies to applications made to Leeds City Council. If you apply to another local authority, they may have different dates

Admissions Timetable (2024 start)
Applications Open
1 November 2023
Deadline date for applications for Reception places in September 2024
15 January 2024
Late applications
12 February 2024
National Offers Day
16 April 2024
Deadline date for parents wishing to lodge an appeal (please return appeal forms to the academy)
14 May 2024
Date on which Year Reception appeal hearings will be held
June – July 2024
Appeal decision letters to be sent
Within 5 working days from date of hearing wherever possible

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